Sunday, November 22, 2009

Like banging your head...

When we walked into the Yoga place
yesterday morning,
I was already having a great week end...
not one of magnificence but tiny pleasures,
poetic moments of light and sweetness.

Like the two bowls of oatmeal
with melting brown sugar
a syrupy bed for the dried berries
to sleep, temporarily,
a pumpkin spice latte,
coating lips with foamy warmth,
calm water under paddles and voices of humor
behind me,
herons in flight or resting ankle deep in water,
a hula hoop demonstration in saturday sunlight
and my 'cancer fighting friend' on shore
with an apparent ring of light around her head.

All preceded by a night of singing out loud
with old friends and old songs
in a celebration of time passing,
the perfectly written movie,
that creates tears while smiling hard,
free popcorn, perfectly buttered
for three funny friends content to share
it all gleefully.

(Did I just use the word gleefully? hmmm?)

The yoga class is my first in twenty years
and Marlo, the dance instructor
is teaching it...
and yes, it seems I yoga like I dance,
(no surprise)
as bendable as old dried out stick
hurting, cracking
and did something just go pop?
won't EVEN try to stand on one foot,
but I can and out
and I only mutter "crap" once
(out loud that is)
And I love the warrior pose,
so powerful and strength giving,
and when we are asked to
breathe in LET and breathe out GO
my eyes leak a bit
as I feel the 'one' who needs to go...go!
In a wing flapping flutter
of released energy!

When it is over,
I am all smiles...cause its over!
Describing it later as
"I liked it, not while I was doing it,
but afterwards,
kind of like banging your head
against the wall and
wow, that feels good to stop!
(sorry, Marlo)
But really? I was revitalized and peaceful
and walking on air...

And later...when I walked out with a new drum,
a new friend and the 'drum circle dream'
actually having a time and location,
as well as five people who have promised to show up
the weekend became...a magnificent one!

So if you have something to bang or play,
we will be at Rotary park
on the beach at sunset
making some noise...stay tuned...

Pam Piper Rain

Photo by Ed Earley


Carolyn said...

I think you said "crap" twice in class! I knew you'd like the warrior pose. What a fun weekend, I can't wait to bang on our drums tonight. Remember when we were kids and would rummage through all the pots and pans and make enough "music" to raise the dead? Who says you have to grow out of that?

Piper Rain Press said...

We don't and you and I having been proving that a lot to ourselves lately...thanks for being my "come on let's do that, it will be fun!" wild women sister!

LDahl said...

Can I be there in spirit? You go girl,I was a pot banger as a kid too!
More WILD...I really like that.
I think I'm ready for my second child hood, my first one went on until I was fifty but then I grew up and knuckled under to the weight of time. But I'm starting to feel the stirring of rebellion again:)))