Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This big yellow chair...

The day starts with...hmmm!

That doesn't really matter,
because it ends with
the warm "mi casa su casa" embrace
of my favorite two women!
It has been since March
when I had my last moments here!

The house is lit up in cozy autumn light,
an oasis in the desert night,
this is my beacon of grace
I am home, home here
and I gulp volumes of friendship air
thickly fragrant and familiar
and fantastically full
of anticipated goodness
times ten!

The guest room full of softer
than soft pillows
and yellow smiling flowers,
arranged just for me,
a mobile gift that spins and glides
reminding me of the power of balance.
There is wine and more wine,
meals of "capered" everything,
food, so beautiful it is art
on a plate and requires a lingering look
before the first bite.

To be here is to be wined and dined
like royalty...
they say, "it's for my birthday,"
but this is really who they are.
(and anyone lucky enough to visit

long term or just have dinner,
knows what I mean, it's hard to leave.)

In the living room there is this yellow chair,
it is Suessical in a way with it's puffiness
and whimsical swirled pattern.
Positioned like a throne
at the head of the room,
it is where WE sit to be "Queenified!"
(Sometimes, there is confusion over
simultaneous guests "right" to the chair...
and a shuffle of seniority, is in order.)

This yellow chair is not only the ticket
to brilliant meals and being

catered to with "hand and foot service...
but it is a ride of rich conversation,
and "pee your pants" laughter,
with reenactments of stories like,
the Scottsdale necklace flickers,
adolescent ribbon dancing,
and my ever favorites
the "snapping scent-challenged
baby kangaroo" of Fountain Hills,
and Tucson's "whirling drunk

chap stick girl."

Realizing, some of my most
memorable moments (nine years worth)
have happened in this chair,
this yellow throne of happiness,
stuffed with the best of everything...
Oscar nights, L word, Survivor

and Grey's,
thousands of "toasts to,"
hot brownies with ice cream,
art show grumblings and praises,
and if your really lucky...
one of your visits may coincide with
the neighbors fiesta birthday parties,
complete with bouncy inflated houses
that bob and loom over the wall
to a low grade Spanish beat!

Timely for me to be here now
so needed...
gratitude overwhelms...
to be woven into

the "Mary and Janet"
basket of abundance!

These women are my "family"
my lighthouses in a storm,
my funny bone,
my sisters in art and spirit..
so this is my "almost beyond words"
thank you, to them!

and...I wish everyone

friends like these!

(Sorry, can't give out their address,
cause frankly, I am NOT sharing
that chair!!!)

Pam Piper Rain

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