Thursday, January 6, 2011

What If?

What if
a note hanging in a tree
could change your life?
No really,
a little piece of random magic tied
to string bearing the words you
needed at that exact moment in time?
What if?

Would have not believed it myself
but two years later I see
the tendrils affects across my life,
of the Mabel Luhan Lodge note
I found in a tree in Taos.

To find myself saying shortly there after,
what if I CAN dance and did dance
and it was fun?
In which I joined friends
for the performance
of Thriller that fall and
everything transformed.
And took off on a rocket ride
of energy and wonder!

I began to look at everything
I had said 'no' to, 'couldn't, wouldn't
...nope not gonna try even!!!'
And wondered what if I saw this differently?

A large fan of words (obviously)
and affirmation cards,
I had been feeling the desire
for my own idea of wildly whimsical
cards forming
and the creative wheels starting to spin.
But for me I have learned
to trust the process
that the direction, the time, the design
will be revealed when it is right!

Good thing cause I had not a clue
how to begin
and although I have 200 plus poems
about the subject of life and growth
and becoming and believing
and blah blah blah...
they seemed too tired
and stiff for this project!

Or maybe I was! hmm?

Walking up to my rather large takes up
too much room
to park show truck and trailer unit
this fall in Tucson
I found a note on my wind shield wiper.
Never a good thing right?
Especially at an event where
city codes for parking
are impossible to understand
and in constant change!

"Okay," I thought, "this can't be good."
as I pulled it from my window and read it!
But it wasn't a bad note
rather a polite friendly
one saying they had boxed me in
and would move when I needed them to.
Hmm, what if a note on a
windshield was a NICE one,
something you wanted to read
and creating an energy shift
for just a moment
and if nothing else... a responsive grin?

That weekend,
I was have a "mopey popey" time.
Poor sales, too much uninteresting time
spent in a ten by ten space...
I wrote or lets say my pen
started to write line after line
starting with
What if, 'when pigs fly was today?' Look out!
This one made me laugh and on it went
until I had 57 of them numbered and
suddenly I was not glum anymore either.
I was actually feeling amazingly different!
What if indeed!

Naturally, I couldn't resist the temptation
to share some of these witty inspirations,
I wrote them on corners of notebook paper
and around the local neighborhood
I left them on cars.
No name, no website, just a random gift.

Not a fan of the Holidays,
the dread increasing as it grew closer,
I kept thinking of how I can change this?
Couldn't afford to adopt a family
and always do Toys for Tots and the food bank...
but something different was in order!
Something creative, clever and inexpensive.

What if notes in trees created
a difference somehow, some way.
Could it? Well I was certain it would for me but
that wasn't the total point.

So a week before Christmas I began
a What if Wishes Campaign!
Developing a design I sort of liked..
but after dispersing ten
handwritten ones in parks
and parking lots...
it was too much and I had to go to print!
The key was not to get caught or look back
or even return to see if they were still there,
AND not to expect any results!
Oh and not to tell my friends what I was up to...
but that didn't last very long,
I was too excited!

So twenty some notes
have been hung or placed!
I don't know if any of them
rocked anyones world but
doing this for me changed
the season into one
of magic and creative random
playful hope!

Although, I am certain, I was the subject for
some cursing the day we had the big storm
and the many people
from the Walmart parking lot
were not happy to see
a note flapping back and forth
with the wipers and rain!

The campaign is still in full gear!
I carry them in my car all the time now
and whenever it feels right, I leave one!

I suppose some will think its a nuisance
or ridiculous notion that
a mere note could offer
any valuable random insight.
But what if one note created
a ripple affect of change.
Why not try, I think!

And as a story teller and story collector
I hope to hear ONE of those story's someday.
So I added a cryptic signature of Piperain,
in the rare chance someone
WANTS to find me and report back!

What if it's YOU!

Pam Piper Rain