Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nothing profound

been waiting for something
to come into my head...something...
anything to write about
still nothing
at least nothing profound

when wondering
what will happen
when a bubble wand
is placed in front of a room fan
just do it!
Won't say here...oh but you must try it!

And when did my beloved crayons
add a website address to each color...
a span off 50 years is crossed
on this treasured childhood tool!

Seems, like if I am not acting
hormonal crazy, my friends are...
how long is this going to last
and should we be obligated to
hide out in our own homes
when we are having one of those
"I hate everyone especially, you"
kind of day?
I think it's probably the polite
thing to do!

Is being a Virgo weirder than any
other sign?
Probably not, but I've noticed
when I am speaking to another Virgo
we have our own language...
so would that be speaking Virgoees,
Virgoian or Virgoish?

Someone told me the other day
I should sit with the thought!
Hmmm, so if a friend calls and
asks to come over
would I say
"no, i am sorry I am sitting here
with a thought?

Always wish I was older during the 60s
instead of ten...and why is it every
time I tell a story... I am always ten?
What happened to the other ages?

After a rain in the desert doesn't it
smell wonderfully like wet dirt?
And you want to catch it on your tongue
like a snowflake....
which makes no sense at all.

And then this...
why doesn't any one make paper airplanes
anymore and do they also have a website?

Happy Wednesday!