Friday, March 5, 2010

Making of Dance

It may be a tired subject
to those around me
having written endless blogs
and poems about it...
"IT" being my inability and secret desire
(well, not so secret anymore)
to dance!

With the Grand opening of Studio Seven
tomorrow night,
I had another OTT
(over the top) inspiration
to do a new painting.

Studio Seven is
a place I believe in
and am a member of...
a place to not only entertain the soul...
but any dream that starts
with the magic..."what if...?"
A place where two personal dreams
will be realized,
a poetry workshop, April 3rd
and an Art Showing, April 24
in which all (now) eleven
of the Magnetic Women paintings
will be displayed for the first time

But, wouldn't have been complete
without one about...
Yes, Dancing!

Again, these paintings make me
very nervous, to start, to paint, to finish,
because I must follow and trust,
my brushes lead and
go where the colors take me.
Always, I wonder about
the process of intuition in creativity,
so I took pictures of the journey.

Two late nights later, its complete!
Here is the painting in sequence,
warning, SHE IS AWKARD,
uncomfortably so,
had to be okay with that because this is
how I "feel" dancing,
really, hoping don't actually
look this bad!

But if I do? Who cares!

Pam Piper Rain