Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Letting go

And there it is...
tried but
out run it
...never can.

Been feeling it for days
knew it would arrive
this fluid pain...
that which was 'last year'
stunningly altered,

And although the lessons?
in dancing in joy
and humor
and in being and breathing,
so abundant,
moments my feet knew
only clouds
and play and starlight
it is not...
without its opposite.

The rain.

In my most difficult chapter
from 'The Heart of a Wild Woman'...
written and rewritten,
Princess Piper tries
to tell the woman
her heart is a book,
a story to tell.

Edited so many times
I thought it wouldFont size
never come to me...
and yesterday it did!

With the story in hand,

Princess Piper said, goodbye

“wait, its not finished,”

the woman said with a cry

“it never really is,” Piper said,

“the story continues on,

it’s a snapshot in time,

a prayer, a poem, a song!”

Their meeting was brief,

but she had come at the right time,

giving her an encounter

of divine... rhythm and rhyme.

People come in and out

like smoke

like air

a passing fragrance

a whisper

and I understand


that we don't lose them

we learn to let them go,

and that distant hum

is a gift

...of hallelujah.

Pam Piper Rain

Illustration and excerpt from

Heart of a Wild Woman

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Forever Farrah

Today's blog is about my hair
my hair!

It seems it is highly misunderstood...
first of all
let me state the facts
it IS naturally blond
(and hmmm...admittedly gray)
but not naturally curly
I pay for that.
I have had the same hairdo
for twenty years
and I don't care
yes I suppose it is kind of BIG
(but not National Lampoon
or Farrah big, I don't think)
preferring to think its wild
and messy like my illustrations
sort of a trademark look
and people who know me well...
know I use it to hide behind
it is my shield, my veil, my net
and finally
Velcro and my hair don't get along
at all!
(Oh and branches also
got tangled in a tree once!)

So when in a conversation
with my paddling mates
the other day
I noticed there were
far too many questions about my hair
along with
relayed comments about
their own Farrah days...hmm???
And...the mention of "big" hair...
one too many times
(all words
I have a bit of an aversion to...)
and there is the ongoing banter
of 'who likes pink and who doesn't?'
between Anita and I!

Pink is the only color
I can honestly say I hate
probably due to the many
childhood moments
spent next to a pepto bismol bottle
(its a sad story, don't ask)
(tho now, it makes me think
of my late friend Jen who loved
everything pink)

So when someone said
"Would have thought you'd love pink
because of your girlie girl hair"
I am so offended"
I stormed laughing
and outraged, truly!

Never having seen myself as
a 'girlie girl'
never even been called that???

So what kind of misconception
is occurring
because I have big messy Farrah like hair
that Velcro and branches are attracted to?
And do I really care?
as long as no one gets me
anything pink to wear in it!
Its going to be
Farrah forever!

Pam Piper Rain