Friday, September 25, 2009

Jeans and Q's

I know I have been absent
and tho I knew there would be a
time I would take this untimely
needed break.
I did not expect
it to last so long...
to the point I have had even
chest gripping anxiety over
even a short visit to my own blog.

Was it because I just turned fifty
and I seemed at a loss to
relate my own ideas about it?
Which have changed as
the month quickly
become Oct.
Or was it simply
the things in which I could
relay here...
were just too big for this arena,
not ready for my tendency towards too
much truth telling?


But I have missed the fun
and creativity of it
and plan to return with
the new adventures
of being an artist in the desert
and an swimming challenged
athlete on the water.

Meanwhile, let me comment
on one scarey thing...
that moment when
you try on your jeans
for the first time because
it is actually cool enough to do so
and your not sure they will fit after
a summer of indulging
and wearing nothing but
sarongs and paddle shorts,
with my upcoming trip to
Albuquerque for the Balloon Festival
and their cooler temps...
I will need to

I will know soon enough...

(And that is another thing
that is scarey...
trying to spell Albuquerque
without looking it up,
so many vowels and Q's)