Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stone People... Rock!

The first question
that is asked when guests
see my Stone people
is, "are they glued?"

The second is
"what is the meaning behind it?"

The first answer is, "No
they are just balancing there!"
The second is,
"I am not really sure what
the meaning is, but its fun
and I am not sure why!"

During a significant period of time
spent walking the Windsor trail
down by the beach,
a girlfriend and I
would randomly
stop and create rock sculptures
(again, the amount of rocks
in the desert is astounding
and plentiful!
Got to LOVE rocks to live here
and I do,
she doesn't so much.)

Actually, this was her idea
and I had never tried this,
"defy gravity activity
using such large
heavy finger crunching"
objects like a house of cards
and not.
I had admired them
in the silent gardens
and beach scape's of Maui,
feeling as my guests do seeing them
the first time
"why and how?"

After making a few...
the goal becomes clear
how high can you go
and how much you will you ask of
and trust gravity?
To keep rocks balancing
on one another
that really shouldn't,
and then there's how to jump back
quick enough to protect
exposed ankles and toes
when they start to tumble
ground ward
(This is sort of fun to observe,
especially depending on who it is!)

Soon enough it became
clear there was a competition
not just on height
but also creativity
seeking to add
suggestive rock faces, hats,
beaks, noses...
...the crowning glory.

The best part of this,
was when we returned
the following week end
for our ritual walk,
thirty more had been
added to the village.
Had the vibration not toppled
them we might have jumped
up and down joyfully!
What a sight!

When I didn't get down
there anymore
she relayed to me that sadly
someone had knocked
most of them over,
"Are you sure it wasn't the wind?"
I asked!
Hard to believe such beauty
and skill and contribution
would be kicked apart!

Missing this activity greatly
and being in operation revamp
my backyard/ playground mode,
a pile of garden rocks took
on a new purpose.

In the far corner of my yard
Twelve stone people
stand around a metal fire sculpture
like a stoic majestic village.
Tall and short in
an amazing feat of balance
and juxtaposed placement
of shapes and colors and sizes,
each mound, surprisingly,
with their own personality.
The energy that is displayed
is profound
and I see it in my guests eyes
when they
view them for the first time
"would never dream of gluing them
together" I respond
because it is in the act
of building them
that I love.

Can't really describe it.
Instead? I invite you to build
one yourself.

As far as the meaning behind it?
My research
did not find anything significant
about that,
except it is an activity loved
around the world by many!

And to my rock sculpture friend,
...the wind DOES indeed
blow them over.

Gratefully tho,
because the recreation
is an opportunity to go higher
and be more clever than before!
Maybe its all about
the art of balance
in its most basic
and primitive stone beauty!

Pam Piper Rain

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Becoming the Sky

I wear words
do you?

Actually most of my jewelry
has words on them!
(because fortunately
my best friend, Janet,
is a word loving silver smith)

Years ago
she gave me a shiny square
that says "Be the Sky!"
in big chunky letters on a necklace.
and I wear it always
and am often asked,
what does that mean.
Sometimes explaining
sometimes I don't...
depends on whose asking.

Long time ago
while trying to salvage
a broken relationship
a wise friend fond
of metaphors told me this
short story...

One day the student asked
the spiritual master
"how do I capture that beautiful bird,
without hurting it?"
the master replied
"You must become ...the sky!"

Having had many opportunities
and challenges to reach
for that philosophy
having caught "that bird
and others along the way"
at times successful,
in the lofty goal of 'being the sky'
at others times making mistakes.
(many baby steps forward and backwards)
While this philosophy continues to take
on layers
and has become less about
romantic relationships,
and more about life!
Profoundly for me
it has become a representation of all
that I seek
in my walk on the planet!

What does it mean to be the sky?
(and this is the first time
I have tried to explain it,
not sure I can do it justice.)

For me, it is to allow all things to be
as they are,
free of expectations
to live and let live,
to love with an embrace
as expansive as the sky
to follow and trust the energy as it is
to follow where it leads
and carry what it needs,
to believe in the unity
of all things being one.

It is my talisman statement,
a place I return to, revisit,
when lost or confused
the question,
'how am I not being the sky?'
centers and reminds me
to take stock
clear myself of what wounds and fails.
When I am not being the sky
I shrink, I sink
and am not in flight towards
whats really necessary
and real!
When I am the sky
I move with grace
ease and freedom, thru the days,
seeing that all is as it should be
I am weightless and in the flow
floating along, enjoying and trusting!
Its a act of living in reverance!

Tho we shortened it to
'Be the sky,'
I love it, simplified!
And with this past year...
of so many wonders and 'not wonders"
my sky lessons have been of such significance
the book of memoirs I am writing will
be called, "In Becoming the Sky...!"

At some point...
with a little more work
that necklace?
...on the back will read
'I am the sky'
...but not quite yet!

Pam Piper Rain

Photo by Ed Earley

If you want to wear words too? for the

but just so you know...
I have the only
'Be the sky' ever to be made...sorry!
But that's the kind of friend, Janet is!