Thursday, November 5, 2009

More Wild...please!

My favoirte poet, Mary Oliver asks,
"what shall you do, with your one
precious and Wild life?

I have this...
on a bracelet from my
artist/ jeweler friend Janet Wight
and it reminds me...
again and again!

(my gal) Oprah had a program
about women who for some reason
and circumstance in their lives's
became debilitated,
without confidence and fear based.
They were asked to do many things,
of course, one,
was jumping out of a plane,
which NOW?
...After watching the results,
I may actually consider,
(psst, don't tell my
"let's do the polarbear swim" friend!)

These demoralized women found
new power... new "what next,
what else can I do?" possibilities
in their own lives!
And having stepped out of the box
myself, recently, in dancing
(OMG, what was I thinking
not once, but 12 times
to a MJ song?)
In public,on main street?
I... simply,
want more!
I want, more of
"what else might I try...
what else might I step into,
to be off beat
and out of my realm of comfort"
and yet,
have this phenomenal experience?

I am looking and waiting
and hoping...
it is right around the next "life" corner.

Cause, I am missing the "Thrill"
of exploring, doing, discovering,
...that I can be more than I was,
not amazing,
but definately inspired!

More Wild...Please!

Pam Piper Rain

Blades of Grass

Seems when your a writer
there is no option to give up,
disappear...check out,
there is a responsibility to scribe,
tell the story,
continue to seek poetic magic
in all things,
even in the heartaches,
the disappointments,
the losses.

"It's my job"
says Elizabeth Gilbert in her talk,
"Nurturing Creativity"
"and we have to show up for it."
So I do and I will even on the
days that are raining "ouch-es,"
it is my assignment to do so!

One morning getting up
and greeting the day at all,
let alone
with any kind of joy...
seemed impossible
so I did the thing I always do
listen and record...
this is that stream of consciousness.

Begin the day anew.
you must, you must
loss IS life,
nothing stays or remains the same.

The ground doesn't grieve the blade
of grass that's washed away
in the storm
but rejoices in the baby sprig
to follow
all loss is learning
a new birth route,
imagining new wings
that lift and create and shape
and ignite and allow
and trust and teach
to BELIEVE without knowing
why or how and then?
You believe again
in the next day and the next
you look in your dog's eyes
your child's smile,
your lover's hands,
and you remember laughter and simple goodness,
those moments that stopped your breath
moments that required you
to exist...
you remember that you are loved
and necessary...
to the sun's shine
to the moon's roundness
if for no other reason but
to be their faithful witness
to their astounding beauty.
Whether you realize it or not
your presence here is REQUIRED
Beyond the scope of your
tiny self inflated life rafts
you are required to create wonder,
walk courageously,
practice profound wisdom
love endlessly without
the recognition of loss
tho it may be waiting for you
at the next turn
so is beauty
and her amazing sisters
called breathing, called life!

Part one Pam Piper Rain

Monday, November 2, 2009

There is Magic in...

Inspiration and magic comes in many forms,
it seems!
Even doing something we shouldn't...?

When I created a design a while back
during my abstract funky art stage,
of an awkwardly shaped character
it read, "Can't dance, don't care,
dancing anyways!"
not until, recently did I
have a chance to prove
the validity of that theory!

I think we should all
have at least one friend,
(and if we are lucky, more than one)
who makes us do things,
we didn't even know we wanted to do.
Like getting in a very tippy narrow canoe,
to ride the ocean waves for 12 miles,
all the while,
knowing you can't swim (well)
and really shouldn't be doing it at all!
Or snorkeling in deep
"I can't touch the bottom" water!
But, if we hadn't... we wouldn't have
glided with the turtles or
got wet or had that great ride
or any of the experiences of a lifetime
that occur in moments like those!

With so many challenges lately,
saying yes, to "new things"
has become a way to redirect my energy!

At our paddling clubs' birthday party,
this past summer,
someone knew all the moves to Thriller
and we all wanted to learn.
So when the newspaper announced last month,
there would be dance lessons for it
and then would be performed
on Halloween night...
my "you'll-love-paddling-in-the-ocean"
friend asked, "what do you think?"
I responded with "absolutely, lets do it!"

Course, wasn't so sure about that
for the following three weeks,
trying to just have Marlo,
the instructor said!

After the dress rehearsal performance
not only did the "FUN" happen
so did the MAGIC, she spoke of.
Course, I had been secretly hoping that
"the magic" would mean
someone else would miraculously
take over my feet and I would be
brilliant at all the moves...but, sigh!
(Not quite, not even close.)

We performed 6 times the night
before Halloween and seven that night.
A full moon came up over a main street
the crowd was ten deep and waiting
and cheering and applauding.
It was terrifically, exhilarating!!
Being zombies, we weren't suppose to smile
but it was hard not to!

The magic was in the energy,
in recconnecting with old friends
and making new ones,
(like, dancing next to the woman
who works at Safeway,
someone I always saw, but never knew.)
The music was magic,
the little kids were magic,
(who on the recorded version look amazing!)
The performance as a whole,
a big WOW dose of magic!
Watching Marlo,
make her hearts' dream happen
without a glitch or hitch,
while giving everyone an opportunity
to be a part of something large
and wonderful and successful.
...was magic!

(And maybe it is also in being inspired
to do something
that I CAN do well, like draw...
and create little Thriller Wild Women...
as a thank you gift!)

And there is magic in
the way we felt the next morning,
knowing we did something
we never dreamed possible
and although, I still "can't really dance
and I happen, to care that I can't...
(Finally, making less than five mistakes
by the last performance.)
...I tried!
And that too has magic!

As we float threw the following days
on this "thrilling" energy,
I am relieved,
when my friend reassures me,
that she isn't interested
in ever jumping out of an airplane
cause, I am certain,
I would say NO to that!

Pam Piper Rain

Photo by "Eddorazzi"