Monday, February 1, 2010

Frankin Baby

Okay I really should
be writing about the Desert Bar
and how much fun we had
and how twelve we acted
and how the Wild Wear
Bobble Bands,
were a huge hit even among strangers,
who thought we were getting
better cell phone reception
because of them.
How a Snowbird,
called us "dope smoking hippies"


Or how my friends love
to play with me
anytime anywhere and
how much that means to me but....
what I really want to write about is
"Frankin Baby!"

Yes, its a new idea
called "Frankin Baby"
do you have a dog that loves
stuffed animals?
I do!
Do they shred and tear
these lovely colorful stuffed things
that YOU would have worshiped
at twelve
and had to have all over your juvenile bed?
I did and do!

First she goes for the tags, then eyes
then noses in that order!
Admittedly, there are some
that have invited
some screaming
"NOOOOO not that one",
How pathetic !

Baby carnage, where ever she goes,
so much so friends hide the really good ones
from her when we visit.
So I have resolved myself to
thrift stores to keep up
cause babies can get expensive via PetSmart
so she gets the lost and unloved
salvage army variety
and yet she is sooooo happy!
Price tag or not!
Her name is Kaia,
secretly and affectionately known
as KaiaPaia Pocket Pants...
dumb? yes. but she likes it!

So there are always limbs..
and parts scattered across the floor
bed and furniture... yard
("is it snowing stuffing here?"}
and although, they are certifiably missing
the "special parts
tag, nose, eyes, guts,
she will still plays with
the limp stuffing less carcasses.
And her weird soul cat loves ......
loves the non squeaking
membranes left behind,
great for flicking up in the air and
over any thing stationary)
By the way...
every dog NEEDS a weird soul cat
in their lives...truly!
Call it Humorous balance.

So this cat REALLY loves this dog
with a "creepy insane scary stalker kind of love"
Kinzee is a domineering, aggressive
kitten like feline
who makes rather strange mating
overtures towards Kaia,
like biting the nape of the neck
to hold on... for what...?
Did you forget YOUR a cat...
and a girl?

(Had it on video once with the perfect soundtrack
behind it, for proof but lost it...sorry!)

Anyways this is the good part!
Took all the limbs and sewed them together
(cause I am ever so "crafty")
and made a "Frankin baby" with all
miscellaneous limbs...
Kaia loves it.
Like no other baby
to rival it.

She is prominent fan of tug of war
with an exuberant dose of spastic head
whip lashing to strain
all watching neck muscles
And that cat?...when she decides
to do her very odd misplaced mating thing...
she gets a little surprise slap, slap
from a distance cause "Frankin baby's" limbs
are long and collective!

I imagine her saying,
"Watch out Frankin baby
has come to life, girlfriend...
get out of my way cause I am flinging limbs
Frankin limbs and THERE are no
squeaking membranes left, ...
so ha, take that
you strange creepy little feline....
fling, fling, slap, slap...
but hey...
love ya...really!"

She says, smiling to the right
with equal anxiety and joy.

(see prior blog entry)

Frankin baby or Kinzee's Revenge?

Pam Piper Rain