Friday, August 13, 2010

I Believe...

I believe in super heros
and never being too old
to put on a batman cape.
I believe in red radio flyers
down a grassy hill
and swinging still,
toes to the sky.
I believe in the smell of crayons
and the wisdom of childrens books.
I believe in the hearts
ability to break open
and return to itself...
super sized and broken open.
I believe in good good friends
for playful gatherings,
with great hilarity...
and good food,
faces that grow older beside me
ones that say I see you,
and love you always...
I believe in flowers that grow
despite chewing bunnies,
skies that never end
and moons that are always full.
Rivers that teach
and oceans that pull,
drums that beat
my heart out loud,
beauty that takes my breath
all this,
for a life lived large and loud,
bold and breathless,
sweet and still.
I believe in still being ten!

And You?
What do you believe?

Pam Piper Rain

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ode To Seuss

Of course, artists need a studio ...
but they also need an office!
for me, one place for painting with colors,
the other for painting with words...
(and yuck, paper work)
My office with computer screen,
a mini studio
for the graphic creative side,
The hallway between them
worn and trampled.

An office is not a happy word, it seems!
So mine had to be a playful
and inspirational space.
Being a long time fan of Dr Seuss and
all children's books...
it already looked like a Children's Library.
Remember how the Librarians
would stand books
upright and put a correlating prop, toy
or stuffed animal next to it?
I had loved that!

My office came with a wall
of shelves to do just that.
Next to Harold's Purple Crayon
is a box of crayolas,
Stellluna's stuffed self
hangs next to the book,
and Winnie the Pooh sits next to his
color edition.

Cat in the Hat is well represented,
with an antique version of him,
and my own tall red and white striped hat
(tho still not my favorite character,
I am still reviewing why that is so.)
A limited edition print of the
Lorax 'speaking for the trees.'
(my most beloved Seuss figure.)
and a Sam I Am quote about not liking,
Green eggs and Ham.

A few summers back,
someone whose love for the same
found her way to the desert and me.
Her collection of Children's books
unparalleled to mine or anyone else.
Evenings were spent reading them
out loud and wondering over the illustrations.

And there was 'Ping'
the little Chinese duck that
misses the Chinese boat.
I was surprised when,
I nearly wept,
having it in my hands again.
Not much a story, really
but I hadn't seen it since I was six
when I evidently knew every image
and page by heart!
(If there was ever a time
I was tempted to indefinitely
borrow something? was that book!
But I didn't and am glad for
the continued opportunity
to look at it when visiting!)

Don't we all have a book like that?
Or three or four?
The lessons and images, timeless.
When was the last time you read
Horton out loud, not to your child
or grandchild but to yourself,
or a friend for her fiftieth birthday
or to a sleeping feline?
It's rhythm and rhyme magic!

So in operation revamp my home
the Seuss theme expanded into
a red striped wall
(for you know who,
who I still don't really like)
and a painting completes the wall
that I call Ode to Seuss
or Sing, Cindi Lou Who, sing!

Influences of Suess show up everywhere
I am certainly not his only fan!
I know someone who reads Green Eggs and Ham
annually, to inspire her sales people.
And recently on 'Grey's Anatomy'
(a brilliantly written series...
and I only watch those that are.)

A young Dr. hears Meredith complaining
about what she wants and is not getting
in life,
he reminds her of Cindi Lou Who singing
around the empty Christmas tree
after the Grinch took everything, still happy.
He smiles slyly and says to her,
"SING, Cindi Lou... just Sing."

Pam Piper Rain