Friday, August 13, 2010

I Believe...

I believe in super heros
and never being too old
to put on a batman cape.
I believe in red radio flyers
down a grassy hill
and swinging still,
toes to the sky.
I believe in the smell of crayons
and the wisdom of childrens books.
I believe in the hearts
ability to break open
and return to itself...
super sized and broken open.
I believe in good good friends
for playful gatherings,
with great hilarity...
and good food,
faces that grow older beside me
ones that say I see you,
and love you always...
I believe in flowers that grow
despite chewing bunnies,
skies that never end
and moons that are always full.
Rivers that teach
and oceans that pull,
drums that beat
my heart out loud,
beauty that takes my breath
all this,
for a life lived large and loud,
bold and breathless,
sweet and still.
I believe in still being ten!

And You?
What do you believe?

Pam Piper Rain


Kate said...

I believe in daisey smiles, that you can do ANYTHING you put your mind and heart into, great friends and old souls in young people who see what their peers do not. I believe that we create our own dreams and destiney, and even though we do not find the success we had envisioned, that the journey handed us new friends, new inspirations, and new roads to travel down.

Tess said...

I believe one should never fully grow up. (Your poem was awesome!)