Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rock On (part#2)

Everyone loves the Stone People!
Tho, it doesn't show here,
and I am not sure why
but it seems,
that few want to respond
here, in "bloglandia,"
while the responses via e mail
and Facebook
overwhelming...thank you!

Since creating them
and writing about them,
they have taken on life
and form and energy...
and momentum.

Many ask if they may copy the idea
and add to their garden, yard etc?
But of course,
this idea, not mine to own
but a universal act, primitive in its history
(forgot to mention in my first blog
that the Native Americans
used them as trail markers)
it was a gift from a "lets create beauty
in the desert " friend,
to pass along!

make them everywhere
and anywhere,
enjoy, enjoy!
It's where art and earth meet
and design itself
for the sake of earth and art!

Tho, I get sort of bummed
when making my morning yard rounds
and see the wind has flirted with them,
played and teased with their
precarious and delicate balance
and left them in a "Oz straw man" kind
of dismantling.
I am also glad
because I get to try again
and recreate what was...
maybe better,
maybe higher,
maybe more clever and silly
or outrageous!
Maybe more amazing
which seems a bit like... life!

Life at it's simplest...
and most profound.
When it crumbles and tumbles
it has weight...
if we get in the way of the process,
or resist it,
it hurts, crushes,
scrapes, wounds
and then again and again,
we are invited to rebuild
(or ponder the pile of heaped
and most of the time,
we do, without hesitation
We figure out a new way
to put it all together again,
sometimes excited,
sometimes annoyed,
by the challenge of
what comes next?
But what we do KNOW,
is we can't just leave it all there in a
messy pile of carnage.
It must return to beauty!

In Stone people making, works this way!

There is a metal mask sculpture
in the middle of my people
(done by life long friend, Kristen Hoard
Metal fire sculptress extraordinaire)
I have a torch behind it
and when lit
the Stone People come to life
gloriously shadowed,
and powerful images
casting light like silhouetted temples!
May sound a little "woo woo"
(a loose term for the irreverent magic of
the mysterious)
but before entering the Labyrinth
I sit with them,
like a council and absorb the energy
and wisdom is absorbed by just being
in ancestral presence.

I have become overly fond of these
abstract beings and surprisingly, dog is too!

A friend called yesterday wondering if....
I did the ones along McCulloch
in my hometown, near Safeway.
Where some little temples of stones...
have been sighted!
Not me, but YAAY, someone else...

So here's the invitation,
if you have a minute
and see a group of stones
waiting and wanting to be art?
Please give them a hand
and help them be so!

Rock on!

Pam Piper Rain

Kristen Hoard
see more of her work at