Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dear Day

Dear Day,

I promise to laugh more
than I did yesterday,
to be beauty's most devoted witness,
to compliment and appreciate
the mundane and missing,
to stretch towards
the sun even if it
looks like its about to rain,
and to follow a friend
where ever she may lead,
and all things flying on the 'wild air,'
I promise not to expect anything
that I can't give first.
but to believe in the flow and movement
of all rivers even the unseen ones.
I promise to practice what I love
and say less about it...
play as hard as possible
seeking adventures
in the unexpected occurrences,
to believe with such immediate
and unchallenged faith,
to know nothing
but wonder is coming my way.

Dear Day,
consider this my prayer
of 'thank you' before...
you even begin!

Pam Piper Rain