Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dear Day

Dear Day,

I promise to laugh more
than I did yesterday,
to boldly be
beauty's most devoted witness,
to compliment and appreciate
the mundane and missing,
to stretch towards
the sun even if it
looks like its about to rain,
and to follow a friend
where ever she may lead,
to twirl and whirl,
and love all things flying on the 'wild air,'
I promise not to expect anything
that I can't give first.
but to believe in the flow and movement
of all rivers even the unseen ones.
I promise to to Skip and Whee
to be a hero
chase clouds, blow bubbles and choose courage
to practice what I love
and say less about it...
play as hard as possible
seeking adventures
in the unexpected occurrences,
to believe with such immediate
and unchallenged faith,
to know nothing
but wonder is coming my way.

Dear Day,
consider this my prayer
of 'thank you' before...
you even begin!

Sincerely, me

Pam Piper Rain

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Henry and Georgia

So my studio was a mess,

the layout inefficient organized chaos,

has been that way for nine years or more...

but when is the right time to rip apart

"the heartbeat of your business,

the hub center of your home"...

finally late one night can't bear it

another minute...

There really isn't the time for it,

right off Project Pinwheels and

headed into another show series?

But maybe just a little clean out and
repositioning of tables,
how long can that take?

We all know how that goes!

To move that table,
I am going to have to
clear the room first...
patio works well for the piles
oh, look the exposed floor
need to be scrubbed, and the walls
are marked up and need a paint job...
well there was that idea for
the Georgia O Keefe
orange ladder to "no where" painting
I thought of doing!
But needs a cool background,
how about a new faux finish
greens and yellows?
Using some big woolie pad thing,
oh that's right,
I am not very good at this,
I forgot!

What about a quote also! Yes, words,
but which one of all my faves?
A fan of words on walls this is the fifth one
in my house,
some of which from Dr.Seuss,
Van Gogh and Rilke!
(Love this way to surround one's
world with words!)
Decide on Henry Millers',
poem about living AWARE!

THEN everything has to come back in,
well not everything
just the stuff I plan to use more
than twice a year, maybe that is
limiting creative possibilities
but its not a very big space,
just an extra bedroom, really!
The rest to the garage
hmmm..have to clean out
the garage first
but what to do with all the stuff
already in THERE I don't use.
"hi, St Vincents? I have a pick up for you!"

Three days later,
its again my favorite room.
I can breathe here,
the space feels revitalized
and I feel an openess of
creative energy
already flooding in!
On the wings of Henry and Georgia?
Would like to think so!
Together maybe we will create
images and words from being
"joyously, serenely aware"
and that climb on the orange ladder
takes me "somewhere?"
Like a sky of infinite wonders
and the belief that
anything is possible?
Yeah, maybe that!

Thank you, Georgia and Henry,
in advance!

Pam Piper Rain

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Project Pinwheels with Love

After an evening of pinwheel assembly
thanks to my wondrous friends,
(their assembly line
process actually was more efficient
when I stayed out of it! hmmm?)

Then a late night... thinking
what I would say
to any and all who would gather
for this event
how to honor what I have
learned from her life, how to appreciate!
And how honest should I be?

Then it is Saturday morning,
the day of Paddles and Pinwheels
and I feel terrified,
terrified that I actually pulled this off
and people might show up and
I have to continue to make it happen
yikes...what if I just stay in bed instead?

So tired, so many late nights,
so many pinwheels
so much OTT!
But the sunrise makes me crank up
U2's "Its a Beautiful day"
(our first year of paddling theme song!)
The silver of blue I can see from my house
is calm and beyond perfect in
its glinting invitation and wonder!

Here we go!
Like an All Star athlete I make sure
my ritualistic paddle wear is in place
my Santa Barbara purple Survivor bandanna
(from Jen's 2008 promised Rig Run)
always worn on left arm as solidarity
for her and Kuba!
Celebrate the Temporary shirt on,
complete with glittered added heart!
(Carolyn's contribution to the OTT!)
The Maori necklace for protection
on the water
(a SB gift from Jen!)
Wild Wear Pinwheel Bobble Bands
and the right underwear?...wait
No, nix that, just paddle pants!

At the beach...
such warm greetings from smiling friends
old and new, helping in any way they can,
so many people showing up including a
team from Tempe AZ,
we actually run out of OC-6 seats
There are pinwheels everywhere
on hats, kayaks, four on each Outrigger canoe,
it is a stunning sight!

Okay, don't cry...
And there is my other beautiful, strong,
cancer fighting friend, Kuba, just back
from the Mayo in Phoenix...
okay, don't cry some more
got to get through this...
speech or not?...not sure I want Kuba
to hear what I have to say
too close to home...
but I attempt it!
Standing on the wall
knees shaking uncontrollablly
voice wavering,
its a surprise I don't fall off
or cry...I say

I am so humbled and appreciative of your

participation in this event, one so near and dear to my heart!

One inspired by the life and loss of

my best friend and teammate Jennifer Andrews!

She became a champion athlete late in life

and no one was more surprised than she!

Joining up with five others to be like the Jamaican bobsled team, doing

an unlikely sport at an unlikely age in an unlikely place.

She was a mother, grandmother, artist funny, spunky,

sparkly and sassy! A vibrant passing light!

She loved this sport more than anything except maybe Holidays!

Easter and Pinwheels a particular favorite.

After long trips to chemo we would encourage her

with gardens of pinwheels!

I talked to Jen daily, sometimes four and five times

and never dreamed she wouldn't beat it

and that I would be without her friendship!

So no one was more stunned than I, when she didn’t!

It unraveled me and I didn’t want to live, and one night in April,

I almost didn’t and while I got in a lot of trouble that night,

it also saved my life!

Some where along the way I decided I needed to live, and REALLY live,

to be wild and passionate about everything in her honor

cause Jen didn’t have that choice and hers is a story, I am commited to tell!

Cancer sucks! But if we learn to live better because of has a purpose!

And those who have crossed over and fought the great fight, have given us

the invaluable gift of thier lives and a lesson to always

celebrate the temporary.

Life is a ride, and as often as possible we must find moments that require a shouted out... WHEE...holding on and seeing where this

amazing ride might take us!

Cause its all we really have...

So lets paddle and have a blast! Thank you!

Minutes later, I am in the boat

sitting seat one...headed into

the channel

trying to get my brain around a

seven mile race I haven't even

thought about

due to pinwheels on the brain

so not ready...yikes!

not warmed up, forgot water

pinwheels bobbles, still, on my head,

can I even paddle with

these on?

Takes a bit not to knock them

off during the changes

but decide I love the spinning sound

and their shadow

on the canoes surface!

Should consider wearing them

for every race!

I feel her everywhere and smile a lot

despite the fatigue and

lack of drinking water!!

We fight it out with Tempe for third place!

but can't beat them.

No is a beautiful day

so many happy people on the water

and on shore!

Coming into the finish line with the

other boats bobbing and waiting

for us, we ride up over the front

of the winner's canoe

and nearly flip over...

"okay, Jen is that you?

messing with me...cause YOU know

how much I hate a huli?

Always, the funny girl...

Hope you know

this one was for you,

my friend...

know that you are missed

and oh, so celebrated,

loving you in the wind, Jen!"

Now about next year....

more pinwheels

custom made ones, t shirts and lots

of Pinwheel Bobble Bands and what about...

those gingerbread cookies and ....

Pam Piper Rain

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