Thursday, February 18, 2010

Henry and Georgia

So my studio was a mess,

the layout inefficient organized chaos,

has been that way for nine years or more...

but when is the right time to rip apart

"the heartbeat of your business,

the hub center of your home"...

finally late one night can't bear it

another minute...

There really isn't the time for it,

right off Project Pinwheels and

headed into another show series?

But maybe just a little clean out and
repositioning of tables,
how long can that take?

We all know how that goes!

To move that table,
I am going to have to
clear the room first...
patio works well for the piles
oh, look the exposed floor
need to be scrubbed, and the walls
are marked up and need a paint job...
well there was that idea for
the Georgia O Keefe
orange ladder to "no where" painting
I thought of doing!
But needs a cool background,
how about a new faux finish
greens and yellows?
Using some big woolie pad thing,
oh that's right,
I am not very good at this,
I forgot!

What about a quote also! Yes, words,
but which one of all my faves?
A fan of words on walls this is the fifth one
in my house,
some of which from Dr.Seuss,
Van Gogh and Rilke!
(Love this way to surround one's
world with words!)
Decide on Henry Millers',
poem about living AWARE!

THEN everything has to come back in,
well not everything
just the stuff I plan to use more
than twice a year, maybe that is
limiting creative possibilities
but its not a very big space,
just an extra bedroom, really!
The rest to the garage
hmmm..have to clean out
the garage first
but what to do with all the stuff
already in THERE I don't use.
"hi, St Vincents? I have a pick up for you!"

Three days later,
its again my favorite room.
I can breathe here,
the space feels revitalized
and I feel an openess of
creative energy
already flooding in!
On the wings of Henry and Georgia?
Would like to think so!
Together maybe we will create
images and words from being
"joyously, serenely aware"
and that climb on the orange ladder
takes me "somewhere?"
Like a sky of infinite wonders
and the belief that
anything is possible?
Yeah, maybe that!

Thank you, Georgia and Henry,
in advance!

Pam Piper Rain


Creager Studios said...

You Studios looks GREAT Pam...of course I have not seen it before the transformation ...but I can see ease and comfort in this room...and creative habitat for heart and soul...
It is so rejuvenate the studio is to rejuvenate the spirit.

Congrats on the creation of your new favorite spot.... Create On!!!

Kate said...

Well, we must be on a roll! Spring and the nesting season maybe?? I finally cleaned and organized my studio yesterday and didn't stop until 3am this morning -all in search of my Krylon Spray can and some certain color papers! Now that it's pretty organized, let's banl on me forgetting where I put everything! Thanks for the motivation to continue on! Kate {+:

Creager Studios said... you guys are making me feel guilty!!! Thinking maybe I need to get out there in my studio and tidy a bit... I do like organization...but find when things are a bit 'out of place' I am more calm ... I guess both messy and organized have their place in the mad mad world of Art!!

Sonia ;) said...

Oh so beautiful room. Here is to a very creative week.