Friday, January 8, 2010

Let the Colors Dance

It's 3:00 am and I am finally
leaving the studio
had a painting in my head for a year
number ten in a collection of nine.

My Magnetic Women,
is a combination of loose
spontaneous brush strokes
(opposite of the tightly lined
Wild Women illustrations)
with words resembling
magnetic poetry
that have a hidden meaning
funny or...?
The paintings are large
on wood with acrylics
and crayons scribbles
and probably my best work...

But the process terrifies me...
I don't have any control
and I can't guarantee it will be successful.

With a Coffee shop reception
tomorrow evening,
it was important
to create something new
and right away...
I circled the drawing for
hours before gaining the courage
to begin at 12:00am.

It took the music,
in the quiet,
the undisturbed
tentatively, wavering over
the first few brush strokes
knowing it would be a fleeting
capture of intuition and instinct
needed to know what first,
and then what next
never knowing what truly
happens in these paintings,
I have to trust...

So I let go and let the brush
make the colors dance,
tell the story...
as the images took shape
the power that flooded me
was astonishing,
made my heart sing
and I thought this is why
I am an artist
this is why I create
for this single moment of
being the conductor
in an ochrestra of hues and light.

Even if your not an artist but
feel inclined I would recommend
a late night, some wine and a blank
white landscape, a brush,
globs of paint...
and dance!

Below are pics of the painting
in progress. Because I too was
curious to see how it would involve!

She knew it was time to get off but she just wasn't ready!!

Pam Piper Rain

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