Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It is the last day of summer
one more time on the boat,
I need to allow
the release of her finality
of her heat and her warmth,
so many things to let go of...
wondering is this the end day of...
everything beautiful?


Hotter than expected
there is egg salad
and C batteries,
a "patch" of beach,
(that can be barely called "beach")
a dog's nails "pedi pawed" off,
(with the look of terror on her face)
window crayons on skin
that nearly don't come off,
a parade of bouncing bubbles
like implants stuck to water
and the exchange of great ideas!

There is swimming (sort of)
but it is too cold too "float" now
just can't
maybe next year,
when the fluidity of life
takes me away from this flux
of conflictual change...

When it is time to go
the mountains glow with their
"I'm not summer
nor am I fall" colors
and shadows
multi shaded in shadowed contrast.
there is speeding and bobbing,
a pause to toast the day
without true celebration
instead a goodbye to
the end of the "ride"
and the absence of the "hero."

Summer's farewell...
on the horizon
like the rising moon
only less shiney.

And I think I will miss "her"
like the deserts
miss the rain!