Friday, January 22, 2010

I Danced

This new painting and silly little poem was inspired by
(again) the Thriller Dance and is on display in Studio Seven.
While the painting was a challenge, the poem was so easy.
Wanted something new to hang, so it was another late night
for a last minute idea!

I wanted to DANCE

but didn’t dare,

which was okay at first

cause I didn’t care,

but I wanted to DANCE,

so I tried!

Wasn’t pretty,

and I laughed till I cryed,

but just had to DANCE!

I don’t know why,

so I did it again and again,

until I wasnt so shy!


and DANCED some more,

Still so clumsy on the floor,

but that doesn’t matter now.

DANCING is not

about knowing How!


about trying and learning!

About twisting and turning!

I stomped and roared and bounced,

twisted, turned and pounced,

shuffled, stepped and slid.

I reached with a punch,

yes I did!

So my DANCE step

had no talent or spring...

but that I DANCED

at all?

...Well, that was


Pam Piper Rain

On display in Studio Seven

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dizzy Wild

What is it about putting
something on your head
that creates a magic new you?
Is that why many wear hats?
Decorative head wear?

Not a hat person really
(due to the 20 years of static based hair
from the knit hats needed
to survive Duluth winters)
I didn't really get the appeal
until maybe now?

But the "Wild Wear Bobble Bands"
aren't really a hat,
the effect is similar or greater.

A week after Jodi said,
"Make a Wild Woman spiral head band
with animal print and boinging wire,"
I was walking into an evening
of live music...
with one on my head,
and one for her and Kate!
(seems I will do anything Jodi says.)

After a trip to Michael's and
a crafty afternoon in the sun,
with wire cutters, PVC pipe
and covered in tacky glue...
here was the goofiest, wildest thing
to ever be placed on my head.
With a thousand January projects pending,
this wasn't EVEN on my list!
When, I should have been cursing Jodi's name
and her wild ideas
I was giggling out loud instead.

That night...
we "bobbled" in time to the music,
our spirals dipping and waving,
interlocking with tangled attachment,
laughing over the vibrational sensation
that our brains were experiencing,
a light headed dizziness
that inspired the desire
to do something funky and crazy
and because of the things on our heads,
we had the permission to do so!
Maybe, it was even expected!
(The envy of the "older"
women in the room, who also wanted one
...and where could they get one?...yikes!)

It was a magnificent high spirited,
entertaining evening of fun
and intelligent witty conversations...
wondering if the Bobble Bands
acted like antennas,
conductors of energy,
picking up wave signals
from those wild ones who came before us?
Or maybe it was just the wine!
Hard to say...either way, I was fascinated
because the next day at the beach
while working on a paddle logo picture
wearing the Wild Wear Bobble Band still,
I found myself spinning in circles
with pinwheels in each hand...
around and around "dizzy with wild."

Jodi says, this could be big
get ready...oh no!!!
And although I do not anticipate
long crafty afternoons
wire wrapping and glueing fabric
to headbands,
( may be a kit?)
I REALLY want everyone I know,
to have one...
it is guaranteed giggle wear,
not sure the planet is ready
for that much wild... but we'll see.

Pam Piper Rain

Monday, January 18, 2010



Once upon a time

it was a sterling conundrum

why the talking baby

was left behind

(the one who said

call me, Riley)

she who had “late to the game”


was glad it was a dream

while Ping got on the wrong boat

and the postman was

sometimes too Jolly

so she found a floating marionette

to dance with

who talked “Disney” and

made her laugh

with Creepy and Dopey

a life size barbie to dress up

and tell her stories to...

sitting in the arms of the

carved maternal chairs

in a courtyard with the

spiral staircase to nowhere,

where the poetess wrote

corner poems to the

hiding heroic child....

finally with a magic wand

she remembers

the trumpet vines and

all is well in hinterland


Pam Piper Rain