Friday, January 22, 2010

I Danced

This new painting and silly little poem was inspired by
(again) the Thriller Dance and is on display in Studio Seven.
While the painting was a challenge, the poem was so easy.
Wanted something new to hang, so it was another late night
for a last minute idea!

I wanted to DANCE

but didn’t dare,

which was okay at first

cause I didn’t care,

but I wanted to DANCE,

so I tried!

Wasn’t pretty,

and I laughed till I cryed,

but just had to DANCE!

I don’t know why,

so I did it again and again,

until I wasnt so shy!


and DANCED some more,

Still so clumsy on the floor,

but that doesn’t matter now.

DANCING is not

about knowing How!


about trying and learning!

About twisting and turning!

I stomped and roared and bounced,

twisted, turned and pounced,

shuffled, stepped and slid.

I reached with a punch,

yes I did!

So my DANCE step

had no talent or spring...

but that I DANCED

at all?

...Well, that was


Pam Piper Rain

On display in Studio Seven


Creager Studios said...

Wonderful Poem captured so much in those words...for many of us

Vic said...

I love it! And the beauty is that the sentimate doesn't just apply to dancing. It can apply to trying all sorts of new things in our lives. Congrats & now get a little rest!