Thursday, November 5, 2009

More Wild...please!

My favoirte poet, Mary Oliver asks,
"what shall you do, with your one
precious and Wild life?

I have this...
on a bracelet from my
artist/ jeweler friend Janet Wight
and it reminds me...
again and again!

(my gal) Oprah had a program
about women who for some reason
and circumstance in their lives's
became debilitated,
without confidence and fear based.
They were asked to do many things,
of course, one,
was jumping out of a plane,
which NOW?
...After watching the results,
I may actually consider,
(psst, don't tell my
"let's do the polarbear swim" friend!)

These demoralized women found
new power... new "what next,
what else can I do?" possibilities
in their own lives!
And having stepped out of the box
myself, recently, in dancing
(OMG, what was I thinking
not once, but 12 times
to a MJ song?)
In public,on main street?
I... simply,
want more!
I want, more of
"what else might I try...
what else might I step into,
to be off beat
and out of my realm of comfort"
and yet,
have this phenomenal experience?

I am looking and waiting
and hoping...
it is right around the next "life" corner.

Cause, I am missing the "Thrill"
of exploring, doing, discovering,
...that I can be more than I was,
not amazing,
but definately inspired!

More Wild...Please!

Pam Piper Rain

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