Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blades of Grass

Seems when your a writer
there is no option to give up,
disappear...check out,
there is a responsibility to scribe,
tell the story,
continue to seek poetic magic
in all things,
even in the heartaches,
the disappointments,
the losses.

"It's my job"
says Elizabeth Gilbert in her talk,
"Nurturing Creativity"
"and we have to show up for it."
So I do and I will even on the
days that are raining "ouch-es,"
it is my assignment to do so!

One morning getting up
and greeting the day at all,
let alone
with any kind of joy...
seemed impossible
so I did the thing I always do
listen and record...
this is that stream of consciousness.

Begin the day anew.
you must, you must
loss IS life,
nothing stays or remains the same.

The ground doesn't grieve the blade
of grass that's washed away
in the storm
but rejoices in the baby sprig
to follow
all loss is learning
a new birth route,
imagining new wings
that lift and create and shape
and ignite and allow
and trust and teach
to BELIEVE without knowing
why or how and then?
You believe again
in the next day and the next
you look in your dog's eyes
your child's smile,
your lover's hands,
and you remember laughter and simple goodness,
those moments that stopped your breath
moments that required you
to exist...
you remember that you are loved
and necessary...
to the sun's shine
to the moon's roundness
if for no other reason but
to be their faithful witness
to their astounding beauty.
Whether you realize it or not
your presence here is REQUIRED
Beyond the scope of your
tiny self inflated life rafts
you are required to create wonder,
walk courageously,
practice profound wisdom
love endlessly without
the recognition of loss
tho it may be waiting for you
at the next turn
so is beauty
and her amazing sisters
called breathing, called life!

Part one Pam Piper Rain

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