Friday, November 20, 2009

Our secret unlived lives

It seems some of us...
maybe even all of us, have secret unlived lives
that we wonder about
those impossible, imaginary
big "what ifs?"

This became clear to me last week
when my dimpled smiling, friend,
Mary told me
she dreamed of owning a flower shop
and how she wanted to deliver
all the flowers herself.
(she'd be perfect for this)
Surprised not to know this about her...
and my other, serenely strong, friend Janet
would like to be a sushi chef,
and it may be true that I would like to be a dancer
(and after last nights sing along ...a singer?)

Even tho we are all artists and supposedly living
out our dream lives we have other
ideas in our secret pockets
the ones we occasionally pull out and
wonder "what if?"
Pretty soon we had a long list
of things we always wanted to do,
Those often resigned and reserved for
"next time around."

So what if we had
a chance to try these
adventures for a day, a week
possibly brave enough to even
take on that secret life altogether?

Soon I will have new ring from
Jewelry for the Soul that will read
passion, play, purpose, poetry
(all my favorite P words)
to remind me how I want to live.

In contemplating the
"what ifs"
a new idea struck me
what if there was a group of women
invited to support one another
in creating and nurturing
these Wild What ifs?
YES, a Wild Women circle
where we tie our messages
in trees,
fly paper airplanes with written wishes
and have red wagon races,
dress funny and playful in public
and can be seen dancing in the street
or drumming under the full moon
with pinwheels in our hair...
how might our lives change,
what wild dreams
might we discover we didn't know we had?
And who would like to join me?

Of course, my first call will be
to Jodi Creager, my witch hat wearing,
bib painting, tee pee sitting,
Wild Women sister of Havasu!

Jodi, What are you doing in January?

Pam Piper Rain


Kate said...

Well, Pam, as usual, you hit it right on the proverbial head! It's so true how many of us, at our age, had envisioned other "lives" for ourselves, yet took other paths. Today is International Bib Overall Day! I have my bibs on! Tattered and torn, stamped on and patched, they are me. I have never cared what others think about what I wear or how I appear, and most times what I have to say. I have my crazy days which come fast and furious. My closet is full of hats for my particular moods. If I want to wear two ponytails, I go for it!
If I want flowers in my hair and bare feet- more power to me! It is important to follow the inner spirit. Many do not, out of fear- I say fear nothing- life's too short! Great idea about a Wild Women group! I have my list of things unpursued. Let's get busy! Kate- Oh, hope you had a good time last night?

Creager Studios said...

Hey Pam... Oh My...was I singing last night...loudly?? LOL...that was fun!
Love your true in so many ways. We all have these dreams aand or wishes...and these seems to come a point where we owe it to ourselves to act on them...I personally feel that 98% of people have these...and never share their 'other' side... But you can tell that when they see someone else dancing in the rain or playing jacks or whistling for no reason...they envy the freedom. I personally think this is what the world needs more of "letting the inner spirit lead the way taking with it the inhibitions and restrains we allow life to place on us... Harmless Joy never hurt a soul, in fact it probably saved many a soul.
I will gather up my Witch Hat and my assortment of other inner personalies and join you in January ...lead on Wild Woman!

Piper Rain Press said...

You gals are the best! So knew I could count on you, my Bohemeian, gyspy, hippie, not letting go of the sixties...ever, girlfriends! You inspire me and support me and make me want to be... shhh...older! Bring all of your personaliites, I know quite a few of mine will show up and what fun they will all have together!