Monday, November 23, 2009

Musical Noise

Dusk light on the beach
with drums, didgeridoos,
a menagerie of musical instruments
and the ever present... hoops and bubbles.

We sat in a line rather than a circle,
along the waters edge,
drumming to words like rain,
light, dark, and hurray...
(hurray? yeah, that one was hard)

There was a beat, a rhythm...(well, kind of)
a musical noise, maybe
(reminsicent of the cupboard pots and pans
and being twelve
or... more like five.)
A musical noise...that sounded surprisingly better
when I wasn't playing but listening
from a distance
(hope that doesn't, I am sure it doesn't.)

We passed the drums between us
like musical chairs,
discovering the biggest had the smallest voice,
the lightest weighted one had the deepest tone,
I thought they each had a spirit of their own
(not sure anyone else agreed...too woo-woo?)

We didn't really attract any 'joiners' except
for a homeless girl who seemed content to
just hold the drums and feel
the lingering vibration,
(which is sort of woo-woo as well)

But there were bubbles in the dark,
beautiful sparkling
bouncing splashing orbs,
a farting instrument
(as annoying as the wig Ron wore in Thriller,
the one we finally burned)
stories about a frog lullaby and trash cans
that stood where there
had been a beach wedding years earlier,
a tinging triangle,
(the only instrument left to me to
play in the HS band)
and lots of teasing and laughter.

We promised to return next week
with chairs and fire wood
and maybe adult beverages
(which I am SURE will make us sound better)
and maybe a little dancing and Thriller reunion?

So it seems it has been created...
this "drum line-circle something,"
and I have a young dance instructor
with the ability to make big things happen,
to thank
and my crazy fun "let's DO it" friends
who can't and just won't say NO!
And that makes me very happy!

Pam Piper Rain

Photo by Ed Earley
(as always, thank you!)


edward said...

Pam, you're way to harsh on yourself, if you're heart is beating then you have rhythm. E

Piper Rain Press said...

Ah Ed, you know I like to make fun of myself for comic relief, tongue in cheek stuff but thanks!