Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ten again and again and...

Seems the older we get the more we
find ways to revert back to our
childhood selves...
(and if we do? Lucky us, lucky everyone)

Reminded recently, of this
when reading my friend Jodi's blog
"License to fly"
(It is a must read, really...
(I am such a fan and her humorous
storytelling inspires me to step it up.)

Seems she loves Halloween...
always has, even when she dressed up
on "dress up day" and no one else in her class did.

So she stated, she is going around town in a
her big black witch hat...
and a laminated mock up
of a license "to fly" complete with a
picture of her in her hat...
some are entertained
and some are not!

I will come back to this...

When the hula hoop came back into my life!
loved it...we were using it as a
paddling warm up...
but it was always bumping along
where it didn't belong...
like down around my ankles.

Had a department store version,
of it in my backyard for occasional use
you know the one with the marble sound,
which actually seemed to
throw me off rather then help,
then the hoop suffered, as most things,
do in the desert " of heat stroke,"
and it cracked in half...

When an old classmate
saw some pics on Facebook
of my attempts to hoop recently,
she sent me a link
to Hoopnotica and all the wonders
that are possible
of hula hooping as adult, is discovered!

I directly, ordered a portable one...
and where are you going to take it?"
a friend asked me
And I am!

It is the cadillac of hula hoops, spin and I was hooked...
(if I am your friend...
YOU, are probably getting one for your birthday
or PHD graduation, Valentines or whatever!)

Although, I am not sure yet...
but hoping,
if you are over fifty like me,
and like wine, like me
it might even hoop off
that little "wine belly.

A recent book by Jodi Picoult had
a character that was a writer...
she wrote all over her pants...
this intrigued me and had a
slight familiarity to it...
So I did it as well,
added color to "my pants with words"
and there it was
I was ten again...
(not sure why I am always ten,
and not any other age in these stories?

Ten, and in one of my many tree houses in 1969
with torn sheets and colored marker ed
hand written words on
everything...curtains, pillows,
probably even the T shirts I wore
all with the famous classic cliche's
of the 60's like peace symbols,
"make love, not war"
(at ten, what did could that even mean?)
and "if you love something blah blah, set it be free
blah blah,"
not really a fan of that one!

At fifty,...I wrote more current
profound things like
"be the sky and
beauty attracts beauty"

Anyways, I hope to run into Jodi
somewhere like Safeway,
with her hat on,
(and the bubble wand holster
she promised to create)
and I will have my "wordy pants" on,
my portable hula hoop over my shoulder
and we will look at one another
with a smirk of familiarity
and "high five" our kid selves
satisfied not to be
the only one
living it large and strange in Havasu!

And may be,
there is a clothing line
in the future for us
called..."When We Were Ten"
and we will wear witch hats
all year long and pants with words!

And why not!??

Piper Rain


Creager Studios said...

Thanks for bringing out my 'Kid' on this fine Sunday...


Laura.Theimer said...

I've mostly painted on t-shirts to wear in walks remembering loved ones gone - reading your blog reminded me of my 46th birthday(winter 1996)when my spirit sister friend, Diane, and I celebrated by renting the Starry Night cabin at the YMCA in Estes Park - we painted t-shirts that weekend to remember ourselves - mine has purple mountains, pink hearts, glittery falling stars, blue birds flying over a rainbow and tall ponderosa pine trees... I think I'll put it on today - go out to rake some leaves... and then run through them...

Thank you Pam - and Jodi too

Karin Corbin said...

My inner kid was visible to the world this morning. I found two 4 foot long sticks of maple lumber at the Rockler store I wanted to purchase. I was walking around the store with one balanced on each of my feet with them bouncing up and down as I shopped. I got a lot of grins from the staff and other customers who recognized that old kid activity we all used to do.

Karin said...

and when that clothing line comes out be sure to call me so I too can find my kid again.....and when you can, tell me which hula hoop you bought, I might just try to swing it around my young self.

Anonymous said...

I love this story! Perhaps you should make that word pants clothing line. Its fun to be different isnt it? That is why I love burning man because it is OK to be different and be a big kid and everyone is there doing it.

My only regret is that I will have to wait until may for my hoolahoop, my sugar belly is getting bigger by the day!

Love love love the blog postings!