Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Waz up 123

My feet HAD to be marked
sad, but true...

All my social moments now?
Are about this dance,
learning it, practicing it,
talking about it...
and we have a new language,
to go with it
"waz up 123,
roar turn roar turn,
and rock on rock on rock on,"
We fall asleep to them
wake up to them..
(standing in the post office line,
mumbling them,
feet even moving a bit)
and my dogs and cats
have been coerced into participating
when my "feet marking" friends
aren't available...
It seems...I am certifiably?

We practice and practice
and practice...
in the driveway
(this dance requires a lot of room)
following the only one
who really knows all the moves
and well...
when it is clear I am a liability,
always going the wrong way,
the sharpie comes out.
(Should have been two L's)

Didn't we all have things that
growing up,
we really wanted
to believe we could do
and probably tried
and it turned out so wrong
that even tho the embarrassment
didn't kill us,
we wished in that moment,
it had
and thats what is remembered
in every cell of our being...?

Mine, was in high school,
when I got an invitation
to participate in a beauty pageant,
(few know this,)
think it was Betty Crocker thing,
and probably randomly
came from a box of cake mix!

Picture hippie jock introverted poet me?
in a pageant!!
I did it, for my mom
cause she wanted the beauty queen
kind of daughter and the not
the very strange one she ended up with.
I had my hair permed which
turned out badly,
my eyebrows waxed
which also turned out badly,
My talent?
was reading a poem I wrote
to "Nadia's Theme" while surrounded
by all of my adolescent paintings,
also a distaster...

And we had to dance,
on stage, in front of thousands,
in heels and a long flowing dress
never did get the moves,
always going in the wrong direction
and was finally asked to just help
with "things" back stage!

Stuck to being my hippie jock self
after that!

This time I don't want to help back stage
I want to dance!!
And after last nights rehearsal
and a complete run thru
(this routine is 6 minutes long,
an eternity when trying
to remember what comes next)
I announced...
"okay, this is possible
won't be pretty, but it is possible."

On the way out the door
my "tattle tale friend" says ...
"at least you found a use
for those man hands of yours"
I may have two left feet but
my hands make pretty
good zombie claws!

Gotta take the gifts
where ya can find them!


Carolyn said...

I've always been a believer in doing challenging things in those years when birthdays end in a zero. My grandmother went hangliding on her 80th! So, lets see, we started you off with a flying leap off a dock into the lake on your birthday, (swimming lesson graduation?) now Thriller dancing (learning to swim on land!)...what's next? Let's keep going! Sorry to keep pushing the envelope, but your writing is a hoot! Your tattletale friend, C.

Creager Studios said...

I hear you loud and clear Pam...and sorry for the slight 'chuckle' I emitted while reading about the marking of the feet!!! I so admire what you are doing with the Thriller Group... I would be right there with you but in truth...I have never been much of a follower of Instructions...even in the Zombie World...I am afraid at one point I might snap and tap dance off into my own routine...oblivious to the rest of the world... see, I would even make a lousy Zombie!!!
The beauty pageant thing made me titter and shiver all at the same time...I too had one of those Moms...those that think we could never ever be content with JUST being an out of step artist!! and that Beauty and culture could set us on the pathway of success and completeness...UGH!!!

Keep these Brillant Blog Posts Coming...


Lisa said...

Feet labeling is much better than what we did in high school band. Offenders who did not know their left foot from their right, had to carry a brick in the ....ummmmm...
I think it was the left....or was it the right???
he he
from a left bender...