Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Learning to Dance in the Rain

In the past couple months,
been challenged to learn new things...
some would call it a "bucket list,"
for some reason, not fond of that term
(may be cause I didn't see the movie)
A part of reinventing myself
because it was a birthday
that ended in a zero?
More likely!
Determined to take on the big fears...
Swimming, dancing,
steering the canoe, hula hooping
(granted, a minor accomplishment
but still?) Swahili
(in case I make it to Kenya soon)
and most recently drumming.
(Why is this a fear?
that story soon.)
Much of which seems to be about

In studying the Tao
these fall turned mornings
on my patio...
rhythm, is the common theme
and teaching
and such a struggle for my
feet, hips, hands, my ...
Okay, my everything!
Looks like what I am
trying to learn is all about rhythm!
Metaphor for life?

"life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...
it's learning how to dance in the rain"

When this one came to me
(not mine)
I pondered what others I could
come up with...like

"Life is not waiting for the life boat to come
its learning to float in the tide"

Or this one...

Life isn't about learning how to play "that beat"
but listening to your own drum!


"Life is not about digging up the roots
but believing in the tree
that's becoming"

Okay, that one was kind of lame
but I really wanted to use
this super cool picture of the
root face and...sigh!

Anyone have a better one...
What's your metaphor
for life?

Piper Rain

Photo by Ed Earley


Karin said...

dancing naked in the rain, listening to my own drumbeat.

Creager Studios said...

I think mine would have to be something like

Listen to both your heart and your mind....for they complete you


Desires are not found deep inside... they bubble to the surface waiting to be Popped!

Oh I could go on and on...LOL

Beautiful Pst Pam..


Creager Studios said...

OOPS...that should have been 'Post' thats what I get for typing early without coffee....

Piper Rain Press said...

Love the bubble one! Would be fun to start a thread on this! Loved your Halloween Haiku!

Laura.Theimer said...

Sitting in the communion of silence all things become possible...

Living in a state of possibility, opens unexpected doors...

And a favorite proverb that I've seen noted as both African and Native American in a variety of different wordings

The heart/soul could not see rainbows if the eyes did not shed tears

Creager Studios said...

Hey Pam...

Yes...it would be a fun thread...Haiku Metaphors!!lol

Piper Rain Press said...

I am terrible at Haiku's but I do have an idea that would require participation!

Karin said...

5 Syllables, used to have to be strictly about nature, always bucked that but stuck to 5-7-5....