Friday, May 21, 2010

Hula Circus

Want to play?
Bring your box of toys and join us
where the shore meets the sky
and kisses the lake.

Everything turns gold at sunset
and the beauty the desert generates
is panoramic in its color
and a silent pleading
that says "look at me!"

This is our Dancing in the Desert night.
We started this a couple years ago
after our noon paddles
it was close and the fire was inviting
in the winter after being wet and cold.
Its become a magical setting and
time to let go and be ten,
tho the faces have changed,
some missed,
many new fun seekers have
found their way
to our playground.
And its always different
and guaranteed memorable!

It begins with the positioning of the RV,
the kitchen set up of tables and lanterns.
This time we decide
to rake the multiplying
rocks in our path
and ultimately for our dance floor
(The desert is best for growing rocks)
Its fairly hot mid afternoon
but Ron and I can't stop...
"just a few more,
how about that patch over there...
oh we don't want anyone
to trip over that one."
Our efforts are well received
and if they hadn't been?
That particular commenter
would have been
immediately handed
...the rake!

Then the toy box is unloaded
of bubble wands,
drums, hoops and pinwheels
and of course the bobble bands.
(Which I just can't seem
to hold on to these days!)
And Ron surprises me
with a bubble machine
and it rains glorious little bubbles
across every ones smiling faces.

Everyone arrives
with the usual "bring what you want,
but no tuna casserole" request,
and the food choices randomly works.
Tonight there is
more food than table space!
There are new faces
and some returned from
an absence of time,
and a best friend finally visits.
Everyone glad to be included
and the anticipation hangs in the air!
Music on, glasses, filled, hoops out
bubbles, head gear on, the fun begins
and tonight?
There is entertainment.

Our own little version
of Burning Man.
My hoop instructor Peri
and her husband Ben
bring out the fire toys!
Now these are TOYS!
Poi, a Polynesian tradition
of two burning balls of fire on chains
spun in a dance
and a trail of whirling streaks
follows every move.
Ben is a master at this
and Peri's five wicked hoop
is a tornado of flames and fiery colors!
Pretty soon she is engulfed
in a circle of light!
Its beautiful and intriguing
and there's wild applause!
And something I never even
knew I wanted to do...
I am wondering hhhmmmm?
What if?

By nights end everyone is hooping
even the ones, initially uninterested ,
the LED hoops are a hit,
which although not fire
are brilliant and multi haloed against the
blackness of the sky!

In between we watch Venus chase
the moon into the horizon,
celebrate a birthday with a
poem that is more of a roasting
than thought provoking
(and how I enjoyed that!)
new hoops moves are tried
and people who needed to connect,
finally did!

To anyone driving by
it probably looked like the circus
had come to town?
...Nah... its just us!

So next time your in town?
And if ever wanted to join the circus?
Here's your chance
just show up with your toy box...and rake!
(but remember, no tuna casseroles
...or elephants...
high heels are a bad idea too...

Pam Piper Rain

Next week: all about hooping and why?
and the building of a Labyrinth


Karin Feuerstein said...

looks and sounds like heaven.

Creager Studios said...

Another fun evening in Havasu!

Does Ron leave his camper there over night?


christine said...

I want to come to next one for sure...