Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thrill the World...or Not

Good grief...

how can I still succumb to peer pressure

at this age?

Yet, it seems I have and because of it

I, once again

find myself doing something

I have NO business doing.

Kind of like paddling on the ocean while

being “swimming challenged”

okay, so this is not as dangerous or foolish....

no wait,

it is definitely as foolish...!

Maybe more so!

So last night,

with very convincing friends

(the same ones that talked me into paddling)

along with this “secret desire” in my heart

(that ultimately fails to occur)

I find myself on a dance floor

with sixty other people

with the same “secret desire”

but for THEM...

it actually appears to be happening.

This is no place I have ever been before,

(or should be for that matter)

I am trying to learn dance moves

I cannot begin to remember,

follow or execute.

It is soon very apparent

that holy crap....I SUCK...

Not that I didn’t already know this

but I thought maybe,

just maybe,

something magical might happen

Michael Jackson’s spirit would over take me

and I would be sliding across the floor

as if on the moon.

hmmm...not so much!

The moon in my mind, maybe!

It is a call to “Thrill the World”

on Halloween night.

Where we will supposedly dance

this very complicated number down

main street for Fright Night...

Because I am so in love with the idea

of participating...

I am torn between giving up the “secret”desire

or giving up every hour of my life

for the next three weeks...

to be a part of it!

Tough choice!

Like most people my age,

we grew up with MJ

(I thought I would actually marry him...

which is more ironic then my trying to

learn his dance moves)

I loved his genius and brilliance

and was sympathetic

towards his social challenges,

seeing him at times

to be

just too bright for this world!

So why wouldn’t I want to

for a minute in time

honor him, be him, move like him?

Well pretty sure none

of THAT is going to happen...

and after my friend,

tattled on me to the instructor

(who is adorable and super talented)

that I wasn’t coming back

she said, I couldn’t leave,

and to just have fun!


Soooo, I guess

there will be no sneaking off

to the lobby NOW

and I am going to just

have to learn how to dance for the first time

in my life...


if you don’t hear from me for awhile?

I will be doing my booty bounce swim,

my zombie march,

my roar and claw

and my favorite “waz up.”

Pretty sure...

I won’t be THRILLING the World

or even Havasu

but hopefully my friends will be

cause I tried to learn something

I, again, have no business doing...

but if I can paddle on an ocean

that I am terrified of ending up in...

at least here?

I won’t drown

or encounter a shark.)

And the worst that can happen...?

is I might look really dumb

while having fun!

So what the it goes!

Stay tuned.

I will let you know!

Check it

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