Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In search of Georgia..continued

While Taos didn't call my name
Santa Fe and New Mexico
seem to be yelling it...

Years ago in California
while being twenty something,
a red haired vixen of a women,
gave me a job, in a frame shop.
I knew little about art outside
of Minnesotas' wildlife stamps
and had to become slowly educated as
the posters passed by me, in their
various forms of framing options...

Many of which were large flowers
with capital O'Keefe at the bottom.
I didn't get her or her work
never thought of her much after that
But the red haired women?
She became a friend for life...
and lives in Santa Fe!

After Taos it seemed appropriate
to go to visit the Georgia O'Keefe museum
in Santa Fe,
my traveling companion Ed
(a long time fan) is excited...
while I am quietly ambivalent.

There are quotes all over the walls,
her writings, are what
finally, truly
move me,
she speaks of her work, her life, her art
and I am drawn in...
a window onto this wondrous woman
is opened...
and I see her for who she was!

But the "museum movie"
leaves us feeling flat
I say again and again
"she had to be more interesting than that
she JUST had to be!"

It seems she was!

It is sunset
on my friends' patio,
Alicia, who is as spicy and feisty
as her hair color,
gives me a sense of "family
and sisterhood"
that only a "multiple decade friendship"
can do,
you know,
the one and only person
who knows you better than anyone,
who can jibe, poke and make fun
of the things no one else can
get away with...
(like the graying hair your not really
trying to hide but
hope... no one mentions either?)

We agree, that we have been at
one another's shoulders
for all the big moments in life,
first job,
first house,
first fire,
first mouse...
(don't ask!)

Thanks to Ed our exchange
and charm and adoration
is captured shot by shot!
And is a gift!

Also, gratefully and perfectly,
she has the Georgia O' Keefe
Lifetime movie
and we wonder and murmur over it's
supreme storytelling,
(while running down the hall
to write down various lines!)

This artistic woman of strength
and iconic character
becomes my hero, my muse
my guide,
in a matter of three days!!

It started with a symbolic trip to Taos
and Mabel Dodge Luhan's lodge,
a note in a tree,
a question where to go and be,
Georgia everything...
and the spirits of significant friends.

Am I am being
led to make a change?
...I am listening...
waiting ...wondering!

Funny, I didn't even know
I was looking for Georgia,
yet there she is at every turn
this woman who not only painted
the New Mexico sky...
she actually, became it!

So I am thinking,
what are we without
our hero's and friend's?

And when they call our names
isn't it true...
our only answer can be
I am on my way!"

Pam Reinke

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Lisa said...

"What are we without our heroes and friends?" Piper Rain says......

I would add to that followers.. what are we without followers whether on a blog or in our hearts. .. these are the best of friends who only want what is best for us..

This post is from a new Piper Rain 'follower' and hopfully an exchanger of ideas.
I think there are more of us in the world who have 'ideas' but don't know what to do with them.. you have developed your ideas. Piper Rain... would you like an offering of ideas from a new friend for the purpose of igniting a spark? Think of me as your 'sparkler friend'