Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wild Women Merchandise?

Enough about paddling
how about Wild Art?
I have four new designs...
for my new "Wild at Heart"
party gift tote.
(available in September)
They will be placed
on the things I love...
a bubble wand, journals, crayons
coffee cups etc.

It has been decided the Wild Women
are too cute to just hang on
the walls any more,
lets play with them instead
and celebrate our simple moments.


Creager Studios said...

OOoOOOooo coffee Cups.... I see wonderful Christmas Presents in my future... Great Idea...
Your inspirational art needs to transcend the mere wall...

P.S. I gave you your first Blog Award...check out my blog for details...

Kate said...

A Bubblewand?! Now that sounds like fun. Great ideas for merchandising, Pam. Like Jodi said, Christmas is coming, and we artists should purchase from each other!