Monday, June 29, 2009

An idea came to me years ago about a woman's journey through a transitional time, the different ways her heart changes and the women who come into her life to guide her! I have been fortunate to have many women like that in my life. But the story didn't take shape until I started a paddling sport four years ago! When I was joined by five other (older than average woman) all living in the desert, we all fell in love with the Hawaiian sport of Outrigging and discovered we had magic in the boat and on land. A friendship of a lifetime was formed. After winning many medals and creating a unity we called "Six as One" we thought we would have years to share this wonder! But Jennifer ("Dashing Deliah") was diganosed with cancer in 2006, we were so rocked to the core and the story I had wanted to write, took on a new meaning! Using these amazing women as the characters in the story and how they each altered my heart, the story fell effortlessly onto the page.Having such fun with their names and personal qualities. I added two others who weren't a part of the team but significant to me!

Written in a Suessical style ( in honor of my favorite writer) was not an easy style for me, it took me a year to create this whimsical playful fable. Another year to sketch the illustrations. My goal was to finish it while Jennifer was still alive but unfortunately this past February she lost that fight, and no one was more stunned and baffled then me. Never thought we would really lose her! She was our light, our humor, are rational voice and my best friend! She taught me what it means to live with courage!

For some time I let the project sit...grief taking a paralyzing hold on me...! And the six original paintings I had started, collected dust in their unfinished state! With renewed passion and intensity, it was time to begin again and I have just finished 13 of the 24 illustrations.

Each illustration will be an original painting on a 18 x 24 board covered with the signature Wild Women background of Thai Banana mash paper and painted with acrylics. As each painting comes to life I am inspired with excitement to move forward with this tale! For Jennifer, for any and all the women going thru a time they recognize the importance of their "girlfriends," the ways our hearts are willing to grow, to be truly wild and free. It is a celebration of the female spirit! Mostly I am doing this for me because these brightly colored ladies, have a healing power! They are my great delight! I hope you will join me in this jouney!

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