Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Seed

Then the day arrives...
and you know its time,
time to let go
and turn away from...
when the whisper in your ear
becomes a shout
and it's all you can hear
you recognize it
because its been stalking you
and it sits in your belly
like a weight needing flight
holding on is no longer
the option,
truth and hope wear
a new outfit now,
and you want
to scream why? why?
and more why's?
until your voice is ragged
and there is only
silence in reply
and your fingers tremble
as you lift them
in a gesture of release
and what ever it is
flutters away in a flurry
to be free
your raised eyes
see it
knows it's what you
were waiting all along finally do
and the seed of surrender
takes root!

Pam Piper Rain

If you found this poem
and this blog today...
you were meant to.
Peace surrounds you!


SisterBrendy said...

Isn't it funny how you sometimes end up at someone's blog, without really knowing how you got there? Your poem is very meaningful too me and very well done. I'll be back to poke around some more!

Anonymous said...

First your beautiful card arrived to me at the precise right time...then I come upon this lovely poem.

My parents-in-law sent me your "Free Spirit" card in celebration of recent writing success. Of all the many cards I've admired and appreciated over the years, it tops them all.

Please continue writing and sharing your art. I look forward to following your creative success. :)