Wednesday, July 21, 2010

100 blogs later...Art or Art of Life?

This morning, as I sit to write
a blog about a little boy and a hoop,
I notice this is my 100th blog
Really? Really?
How DID that happen?

Last June, when I started this,
it was intended to be about art
and primarily to create a following
for the Wild Women picture book
I was creating and would
(hopefully, while I was still
walking the planet.)
My first entry was the "what and why"
of "Heart of a Wild Women."

A playful fable written lyrically
in a Dr. Seuss style about
a women's transitional adventure
and search for the wild heart
she once had...
and the women she meets
along the way who guide her.
Illustrated (of course) with the widely
popular stick figured
Wild Women series.
(Once just one design,
now numbering
at last count... 60!!!)

This idea came to me
about nine years ago,
but it was missing the characters,
the friends, the teaching women.
I needed real life inspiration.

Then... I became a part of a
paddling team and there they were...
Mismatched Mollie, Joyful Jill, Captain Clair
Humble Hattie and Dashing Deliah.
Colorful, wonderful women
with tons of material to work with.
(and outfits, I couldn't resist copying!)
Lucky me!

The words had to rhyme
I decided, in a whimsical
and silly language
but with hidden meaning!
A book women could give their
own wild women friends
and read a out loud
at wild women gatherings.
(Okay, I was getting carried away
but my vision was big.)
I wrote for two years,
not much of a rhymer
I had to get a rhyming dictionary.
Many chapters later
with the rhyming books'
pages tattered and taped together
from over use... I was done.
(sort of.)

Just when I thought I had finished
the story,
a few more significant women
come along
So Seamless Sue and Princess Piper
were added.

Next the illustrations,
which I labored
over and at times came very easy,
until here were 24 of them!

(Which I nearly lost in a taxi
one year, after a flight from Kona!
Thanks to Captain Clair,
who I was traveling with...
I got them back! Whew!)

Next was the question.
Would I paint them
(to have an original painting of each
to show in a special showing after the
book was published and wildly successful
...again getting carried away)
or do them on the computer?
Both tasks daunting...ugh!

The paintings required cutting the wood,
blowing up the sketches,
priming and papering the surface
gluing, sealing and painting
and painting!

Another year or so later
I had twenty five 18 x24
paintings lining my studio
(finishing the last one this month!)
Here are some pics of the technical process!

Starts with a sketch!

After I blow it up with a projector onto the wood piece,
I redraw image in marker.

The Thai banana mash paper is glued down,
over the marker drawing!

After it is sealed, the image is drawn for third time
faintly visible thru the paper.

Then painted in acrylics and sharpie outlined!

Then digital pictures taken,
imported into the computer,
cleaned up and another
couple months pass by,
pages are laid out in template form,
and more and more word editing!
Finally, it comes together,
and my heart pounds with excitement.
for the first time print run
in a loose book form!
The words and illustrations
on 48 pages together
is beyond what I thought
it would feel like!

Sadly, most of the women in the story
have all moved on and away,
for one reason or another
(reason and season stuff)
so...I show and read it first...
to my dog,
she is mildly impressed
until she sees a rabbit
run by the window!!! Geez!

Don't know what this will bring,
but it feels important,
my most significant work to date
and such a project of love.
Dedicated to Dashing Delia
who passed away before
I could show her the finished product!

Next step?
handing it over to my editor
who happens to be
Princess Piper in the story!
I am sure there will be
some debates over words and length
but I will hardly close now
I am catching my breath
at every turn!

Although my blog was supposed
to be about art
it became more about the "art of life,"
and living the adventures
of being a wild woman,
sweet, funny and trying.
In this, I have found a new voice
and a storytelling quality,
I didn't know I had.

100 blogs later
I return to the original intention
and discuss the art of the wild women or...?
About a dreams taking shape
and the energy it takes,
the work and the devotion
that often goes beyond
the measure of time
cause when its time
...its time and everything is in motion!
Can't wait to see what the ride brings!

Happy Birthday, Blog!

Pam Piper Rain
also Cosmic Cathy


Creager Studios said...

Congrats on your 100th Blog Pam...seems like only yesterday you were asking me about templates and uploadings ...I knew this was a great match for you...Blogging is a place to speak ones mind and express oneself you do both with Panache and style...Heres to another 100...
Keep on Bloggin!!


Kate said...

One Hundred Blogs! Life is an art, isn't it? And you've captured the essence in your writings of the joys and excitements, the sadness and doubt, but the inspiration within us all moving always forward with good memories left in the wake. Congrats, Pam, and keep the free verse rolling along! Kate