Thursday, April 15, 2010

Too much information?

Power shopping got a long list
of things to get
took me three weeks to get here
so its three weeks long
with a thousand things in my head
I am at the fabric table
all smiles over my find...
multi colored animal prints!!!!!

Really? Yes!
I recognize another 'odd something'
has happened to me
of late,
I am hooked on Project Runway,
and want to make my own clothes???
In my dreams there is
a sewing machine
that shows up nightly
teasing me,
taunting me with its bobbing needley parts
and magic making capabilities,
but for some reason
my friend, Alicia always sells it
before I can claim it...
(??? who knows)

This is only funny because
I am the last person
in the world that should sew
and never even liked it
(failed that part of Home Ec,
remember when they called it that?
I called it Home Ick..ha)
A sewing machine shouldn't
be near me or in my dreams
...but there it is!
Go figure!

Back to my fabric treasures...
to my left two women
peer curiously at my find
truly it looks like safari print
meets the Easter bunny
meets hippie gypsy!
They can't resist asking me...
"what are you making?"

I swear my head begins to spin
and I feel this sly smile
form as I launch into this monologue...
and literally can't stop.

"Well, I am making a holster
for my bubble wand..."
this is all it takes to make their faces go slack
"What?" they say in unison.

"Yes, bubble wands you can
buy them over there on aisle 15
for two dollars
they make great hostess gifts
or when a friend is having a bad day
and needs some bubble therapy
my late friend Jen gave me an Easter basket
with bubbles and now I celebrate her
and the temporary everywhere I go
I bubble wand in the snow and rain on the lake
and hopefully while hula hooping but
that's not going very well right now
anyways my friend Jodi made me a holster
for my bubble wand shes so cool she
wears a witch hat
all of October and well nevermind bout that
I really like the holster but I want to
make something simple and easy
cause I don't sew and really shouldn't
but if I did I would turn these into
some pants for my friend Sheila
cause she always
wears the strangest fabric
anyway back to the holsters
sometimes I think
the extra fabric makes
it looks like something
that belongs in the privacy
of your bedroom
cause the liquid part doesn't show and
no one knows what it really is
and they wonder and it's embarrassing at first
cause they don't know how to ask me...and..."

I notice they back away a little here...
but the fabric cutter lady starts grinning
catching the spirit of this oration
and says "You should sell them!"

"Oh, I am, its going to be in a kit called
Celebrate your Wild for turning 50 and 60
and stuff like that I have these
Wild Woman designs
little stick figures without faces
and there are
poems to go with them
and its going to have pinwheels,
candy necklaces in it and
Wild Wear Bobble Bands too."

They look completely bewildered now
like I am talking another language
...but they ARE still standing there
while my fabric lady cuts
my swatches so I continue on...

"Oh and I am having an Art show
at Studio Seven
where I learned to dance with the owner of it
whose a great instructor
especially cause I had
no business performing
or dancing kind of like sewing I suppose
but I did cause she wouldn't let me quit
and it changed my life and
now I am having a workshop there also
and maybe hoop dancing someday...
hmmm well... I think thats it here's my card
thanks for listening
gotta go buy more bubbles- Bye"

Off and running
I couldn't even look back
fearful of the expressions left in my wake
I don't even think I took a breath
but hey, they asked...right?
....was this business networking
at its finest or
too much information...
maybe they will call
and just maybe
they will duck down
the nearest aisle
the next time they see me coming...


Pam Piper Rain


Karin Feuerstein said...

can so see you at Wallymart giving you oration, you go girl..

cinda said...

ohhhhhhhhhh.. I so wish I could have been there!!! Never TMI from you.. just more than THEY can handle! hahahahhahahah LOVE THIS!

Kate said...

Okay, Pam! Tony left for work the other morning and told me later on that some crazy wild woman with a pinwheel hat and doggie was waving and waving as he went down the street! He got scared...then he saw it was you and chuckled. Right on, he said, Be who you are wherever and whenever! Spread the joy, the color, the bubbles. Make people smile!

Creager Studios said...

Hey Pam... LOL...sorry, didn't mean to make that 'B.W. Holster' look phallic lol... just thought it would make it look more African/tribal like to encase the wand...leaving the elements of Bubbles as the surprise within...

You need to learn to sew...Kate wants to learn as you seriousily want to learn to make your own clothing huh...well, maybe it is time to have a small sewing class over here...Sewing your own clothing is the best...once you learn the basics you can do just about anything.

Creager Studios said...

OK your message on F.B. about other friends helping you with sewing... not a deal...just thought I would offer my help...

Have fun