Monday, March 8, 2010

Big dreams, little dreams

A wild, whirlwind
and wonderful weekend leaves me
weary, wistful,
(Okay enough with the W's)
one more...
full of wonder for what's next!

The Grand Opening of Studio Seven
wasn't only a day of free classes,
in which people of all ages
could sample the variety of classes
offered but it was a party,
and a time to dance together!
A bit of a scramble to get ready
I find myself happy that Marlo
is also a bit OTT, herself
so happily, I follow her
lead in the last minute
preparations of setting up,
light bulbs, litter, scrubbing things!

There were demonstrations
of ballroom and belly dancing,
hiphop and salsa and a room
of the smiling faces from people
who could and couldn't dance
and those who tried.
Tho, I admittedly hid behind
a table when the belly dancers grabbed
members of the audience,
and was caught doing so!

But couldn't resist
when the Thriller song
was played, seven of us present
we all looked at one another
and in a zombie like trance
we automatically moved forward
to the take our positions on
the dance floor like rats
following the Pied Piper.
Surprisingly a lot came back and tho
not as brilliant as
the Halloween performance
the crowd was pleased
and I am certain, we will have
some new bodies joining us next year!

The board was introduced,
a remarkable group of people who
know a thing or two about teamwork!
Making the evening a great success,
prizes given out, new exposure created,
passes for pilates on the paddle board
received with great excitement,
new friends coming together...
it is apparent that Studio Seven really is
a fun place to entertain the soul!

What a pleasure to watch someone
make their dream come true
and be a part of it...
knowing it is just a beginning
of the many dreams that will
take place there!
Congratulations Marlo!

Part two!
The Oscars at the movies!
I LOVE the Oscars, so much so
I used to call
my friends and wish them
Happy Oscar Sunday
and have even created a Happy Oscar card.
Silly? Yes, probably!

Why? my friend Anita, asks
me the night before!
She isn't a fan!
Why indeed?
For me it is about the stories
and how well the stories are told,
how moved and affected I am by them.
Movies are my favorite form of storytelling.
The Oscars are a celebration
of story telling at its finest!
That's why!

My dream has always been to dress up
and watch it with any
and all who love them as I do!
Tho, for the last six years, I enjoyed them
with my movie loving Phoenix gals M and J
in their big yellow chair over a great meal.
The dressing up part was missing!
And because I wouldn't be able to be with them
this year!
I was worried I'd have to watch it solo.

When I heard that the
local Movie Theatre was
having an Oscar party
to benefit the Humane Society
I was beside myself
with anticipation!
Two of my favorite guys
stepped up to escort me
to the event,
in suits and ties no less!
There was even a corsage for me
with pink hula hoops on it.
(Wow, haven't had one
of those since prom!
we didn't know how to even pin it on)
We filled out our ballots,
I carefully with research,
while they made goofy guesses
based on the names they liked. Geez!
(Guess who got more not fair!)

Although the red carpet was very short,
my only disappointment
(well, that and I didn't manage
to see Hurt Locker
and have no idea why it was better
than Avatar!)
There were ladies in heels
and pearls and boas,
men in debonair suits and tails
cocktails, pizza and free popcorn
and prizes for movie trivia during
the commercials, cheering, crying
and laughing
and fierce competition
for the most right choices
in my row, which went
to my escorts!
...everyone wanted
that year free movie pass!

Everyone left with a smile,
even tho Avatar and Blindside
lost Best Picture honors,
we knew our indulgent fun
had provided much needed funds
for the pet community.
And who doesn't love that?
Thank you Victoria and Rodger
for the brilliant idea!

(Feeling an OTT twinge
to campaign other movie theatres
to follow suit across Arizona!)

And a big thank you
to Ron and Ed for joining me,
making me feel like a star,
and sharing in my silly little Oscar dream.

So, I am thinking,
dreams really do come true
in our sometimes strange,
but lovely Lake Havasu!
Big ones... and little ones!

Pam Piper Rain

Photos by Eddorazzi

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